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$20 (USD) plus postage


A 'game changing' collection of SIX brand new worship music videos for kids. Guarenteed to make kids worship come alive! Each video features regular and split track versions (so lead vocals can be turned down if required). Click on the preview button below to view a sample.

Includes Songs: Whoa, Whoa (lyric video), Came to Party, Not Ordinary, The Moving Song, Jesus is my Hero





$12 (USD) plus postage


After spending more than a year in and out of the studio crafting songs and ideas The Lads have come up with their strongest album yet. Opening with the anthem 'Welcome to our Show' and featuring keyboard rock anthems that soar like they used to soar in 1985 (that's a good thing) such as 'Jesus is my Hero' and 'One by One'. This album will be a favorite in anybody's collection. Click on the preview button below to hear samples.

Includes Songs: Welcome to our Show, Jesus is My Hero, Came to Party, Not Ordinary, One by One, The Moving Song, Prodigal Son, Rise again, Whoa, Creator, Offering Song.




## HOT PICK ## DVD ##

LIVE at the Thunderdome DVD
$12 (USD) plus postage


An up close and personal look inside the world of The Lads as they race to make it to their biggest gig ever. Features candid interview, Mark's vocal warm up secrets and all your favorite Lads songs performed live on stage in front of thousands of extreme fans at the Thunderdome, in New Zealand.

Includes Songs: Whoa, Creator, I Came to Party, Life of Mine, Beetroot Stain, No Fishing, International Mystery Man and more.



LADS TV Triple DVD Pack
$30 (USD) plus postage

Super Saver


All three Seasons of Lads TV in one great pack for one great price. That's 15 Episodes to watch [plus music videos and live footage in the special features].


## DVD ##

LADS TV (Season 3) DVD
$12 (USD) plus postage

Season 3 of Lads TV Show'

[As seen on TBN] Don't miss the adventures of The Lads in this brand new comedy for the whole family. This disc contains Five full Episodes of the brand new series of Lads TV. Each Episode of Lads TV is jammed packed full of fun and laughs, but also biblical truths to help keep Christ at the center of hearts and homes. Watching this DVD could change your life forever!

Synopsis: During a citywide milk shortage Murray is forced to convert his Milkbar into a Juice Barn - Tim is devastated when he looses Susan (his guitar) and Mark and Steve both secretly plan the greatest surprise party of all time. 

Episodes: 1. O for Orsum (featuring the song: O for Orsum) 2. Frenemies (featuring the song: We can be Friends) 3. Pantsman (featuring the song: Pantsman) 4. Juicebarn (featuring the song 'Juice has No Use') 5. Rock the Milkbar (featuring the song 'Be like Me' ).

Special Features: Lads Live mini-concert

## DVD ##
LADS TV (Season 2) DVD
$12 (USD) plus postage

Season 2 of Lads TV Show'

[As seen on TBN] Five full Episodes of the brand new Lads TV show. Feedback from kids and parents of this new season has been huge "my kids can't wait to see the next episode of Lads TV". Each Episode of Lads TV is jammed packed full of fun and laughs, but also biblical truths to help keep Christ at the center of hearts and homes. Watching this DVD could change your life forever!

Synopsis: A group of three friends from New Zealand are trying to make their band 'The Lads' go big time, but their guitar player quit and their favorite milkbar may soon be shut down. Follow their adventures and the life lessons they learn along the way in this tween comedy series that the whole family can enjoy.

Episodes: 1. Milkachino (featuring the song: Milkachino) 2. Spleen (featuring the song: All the Other Rappers) 3. The Audition (featuring the song: The Dream) 4. Save Murrays (featuring the song 'Save Murrays') 5. Closing Time? (featuring the songs 'Get Ripped with Turk Austin' and ''Never give Up').

Special Features: Lads Live mini-concert

$22.50 (USD) ** SALE PRICE **

'Secrets of the Universe' Curriculum

An all new highly interactive Sunday School / VBS / Special Event Curriculum for pre-teens that uses DVD, CD's, Comics and a Mission Handbook as tools to help kids discover the 'Secrets of the Universe'. Secrets so powerful that if discovered could change your life forever!


Topics: 1. I was Meant to be 2. God Loves me, no matter what 3. God has a Rescue plan for me 4. I can come alive in Jesus 5. I can know God 6. It's not a Secret... Go and Tell!

## DVD ##
LADS TV (Season One) DVD
$12 (USD) plus postage
Exciting new comedy series (five episodes included)
Follow the adventures of The Lads in this brand new comedy for the whole family. A group of three friends from New Zealand get the break of a lifetime after their band (The Lads) gets signed by music industry legend 'The Manager' (he's big time). Only one thing stands between them and their first ever gig in Arkansauce... a mysterious foe trying to sabotage their efforts to be a band. Written and produced by The Lads, Directed by Benjamin Eisner.

EPISODE LIST: 1. The Beginnings 2. A Frosty Surprise 3. A Sticky Situation 4. Boot Camp 5. Hello
MUSIC VIDEOS (with on screen lyrics):
Cable Knit Sweater, Creator, International Mystery Man, Shine like Stars

FOR ORDERS OUTSIDE OF NORTH AMERICA: DVD's recorded using US standard NTSC format. This format works in most modern DVD players and televisions world-wide (and all DVD capable computers). To ensure compatibility please refer to your tv user manual. For trouble shooting contact The Lads

## CD ##
$12 (USD) plus postage

An album simply called 'The Lads'. Beginning with the infectious song 'Cable Knit Sweater', the power ballad 'Shine like Stars' and the quirky outerspace anthem 'Astronaut' (sung by Lads drummer Steve). Many consider this the strongest Lads album yet, already receiving rave reviews from young and old. 

TRACK LIST: 1. Cable Knit Sweater 2. International Mystery Man 3. Shine like Stars 4. Astronaut 5. Mrs. Millard 6. Creator 7. You're a Star 8. Amazing Love 9. Dennis Driver 10. Hey Jesus Loves Me 11. Tell the World 12. Sometimes by Step

## CD ##
$12 (USD) plus postage

The highly acclaimed CD 'CREATOR'.
This album was produced and recorded in Nashville, TN by Joe Baldridge (DC Talk, Newsboys, Toby Mac) and is surely the strongest collections of songs produced by the band. 
From the big rock sounds of 'Creator' or 'Standing in the Sun' this new album screams out 'listen to me' by it's purely infectious hooks and 'full of life' energy. There's the quirky moments in songs such as 'Coffee with Jesus' or 'Life or Mine' that bring out some of the 'in your face' and 'fun' character of the band, or the serious moments such as 'Me and Theng'. Each song has a melody worth singing packed in a story bursting through the lyric - one example is the ever challenging 'If I Carry on this Way' which takes you to a place of deep introspection and then haunting worship ballad "Ode to Joy' continually invites you and even draws you into the presence of God.

TRACK LIST: 1. Creator 2. Life of Mine 3. Good-bye to You 4. Coffee with Jesus 5. Ode to Joy 6. If I Carry on this Way 7. Standing in the Sun 8. Favorite Time 9. I Give it All

## COMIC ##
$5 (USD) plus postage

Introducing the very first in a brand new series of Lads Comics. The first volume is jam packed with 24 full color pages of comic book action. Featuring the stories: 

* Meet The Lads (the story of the formation of The Lads)
* Robots Can't Play Bass (the band attempts to find a new bass player)

Plus there's fan pages, Aunty Bjorn's Advice Column, Mark's Blog, The Lads Drama team, a 'can you draw Mark' competition and much more.

Postage for single Comic order $2 [anywhere in the world]

$12 (USD) plus postage

A back catalogue Lads album, featuring the original version of 'Creator' (My Best Friend's the Creator of the Universe), International Mystery Man, Call My Name and Freedom' Winner Gospel Album of the year at the New Zealand Music Awards.

$12 (USD) plus postage

The first Lads album to go international, released in New Zealand, Australia and the USA

Featuring songs such as: Lost @ Sea, Beetroot Stain and Ode 2 Joy plus two songs 'Understand' and 'Alone' that were used on the US Television drama 'Dawson's Creek'